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Did you have a successful season? Was this the year that you harvested that buck of a lifetime, or did you come up empty?


What’s next? Are you going to hang up the bow in the closet until next season or will you start preparing for next season now. What can you do now to make next season more productive.

First collect all your stands and climbing gear and check for wear and tear before you store them. Replace any worn items now before the demand has stock running low. You will also want to check your gear again before you put your sets out. You can never be too safe. I’m sure Alec Baldwin wished he had checked his gear twice.

Next is your shooting equipment. Replace strings now not two weeks before the opener. As a bow shop owner I can’t tell you the number of times people waited to do this and they don’t have their bow ready for opening day because they waited too long and the shops get backlogged. They get upset with us but the only one they should be upset with is themselves for waiting until the season is upon us to have the work done. If you don’t need strings it is still a good recommendation to have your bow and arrows checked over by a reputable shop and have a full tune and time done to the equipment. A small investment early can pay off tenfold during the season.

If you have done everything to this point with your gear and shooting equipment what is left? The key part in the equation to a successful season is you, PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE! Nothing beats practice for making the high stress shot. If shooting in the back yard bores you join a local league for the winter or summer. Leagues are a great way to hone your skills with other shooters plus they are just plain fun to be a part of. We are blessed to have archery clubs all over the country that hold 3D shoots that are open to the public all summer. Try your hand at a few of them but be sure to have plenty of arrows.

Lastly and just as important… scout through the summer. You need to know your terrain and where the big bucks are, where they feed and where they bed. Don’t set up on a bedding site or on a feeding site but try to find a route in between that they use. Use more than one stand to work with the wind and hopefully with a little luck and all the work you do during the off season you will be more productive during the season. Good luck and shoot straight.