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ATN TITEW1000 Thermal Entry Wizard With Table Stand Fever Detector 7" Touch Screen

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Thermal Entry Wizard - a tablet like device with a Thermal sensor and multiple infrared-cameras that quickly and without contact check for Fever in anyone seeking entry. - We are no longer safe at work or at play. ATN's advanced Smart HD technology is here to help bring us one step back to our regular lives. Making sure people around you are not stricken with Fever is just such a step. - The ATN Thermal Entry Wizard can give your employees and customers peace of mind by making sure that only Fever free individuals are granted access to your place of business. - Fast and Touchless - Highly Accurate - Don•t need an Operator - Automated and Easy to Use - Prevents Spread of Illness - Can be used as touch free time clock for employees - Provides peace of mind to Employees and Customers

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